What’s in the CARDS? 5 Post-Pandemic Sales Strategies

Selling by Connecting

As the economy continues to recover from the pandemic, modern consumers expect more out of their salespeople. Everything we knew about clients and consumer behavior in 2020 has changed, and in order to drive success in a post-pandemic economy, our approach must change as well. In 2021 and beyond, leading with empathy is the key to sales mastery.

In her forthcoming book, What’s in the CARDS? 5 Post-Pandemic Sales Strategies, Global Sales Relationship Expert Cherilynn Castleman, MBA, draws on her 25 years of experience in enterprise sales to teach readers the five core competencies they need to leverage their lived experiences and everyday superpowers to create authentic connections, strengthen client relationships and drive exponential revenue growth.

The 5 Keys to Empathetic Selling 

As we figure out how to move forward in the wake of the pandemic, it’s only natural to look for signs to let us know we’re moving in the right direction. In times of uncertainty and upheaval, people have always looked to symbols to help guide their path forward. Whether it’s in organized faith traditions, horoscopes, tarot card readings or good luck charms, humans have always looked for some sort of sign to help direct their steps. Some of the oldest symbols around are those found in a deck of playing cards.

Playing cards and the suits that adorn them have been around in some form or fashion for centuries, and different nations and cultures have connected these symbols to various parts of human life. In this book, Cherilynn will show you the connection between a simple deck of cards and the core competencies you need to master empathetic selling for post-pandemic success.

Each of the four suits – Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, and Clubs – plus The Joker, has something important to teach you about achieving sales mastery by changing the way you connect with your clients and customers.

In this book, you’ll learn how the CARDS – Collaboration, Analysis, Relationships, Development, and Strategy – will enable you to harness your lived experience and everyday superpowers to drive client success in a post-pandemic economy by creating authentic connections and strengthening client relationships.

Leveraging Seismic Change to Create Opportunities for Sales Success

Sometimes when we least expect it, moments of significant change and upheaval can create opportunities to try new things that lead to great success. What’s in the CARDS? is all about taking the sour lemons of 2020 and turning them into the best lemonade 2021 has to offer, for this year and beyond. No matter what challenges readers have had to overcome, or obstacles life has thrown in their way, – whether it’s losing a key account, navigating a divorce, homeschooling your kids, moving back home as an adult, or losing a job this book will teach them how to take their lived experience and channel it for their success. By drawing on her own personal story, Cherilynn will show readers that adversity and loss are not liabilities to a successful sales career – they are assets. The challenges we face make us more resilient, more creative, and more flexible – all things readers need to take their careers to the next level.

Why Buy this Book?

As the economy continues to recover from the pandemic, modern consumers expect more out of their salespeople.

If you’re a sales professional looking to:

  • See what’s in the CARDS as we get ready for 2021 and beyond
  • Leverage their lived experiences and everyday superpowers, to create authentic connections, strengthen client relationships and drive sales success
  • Learn the keys to success in this new sales environment
  • Empathetically connect with their customers and use the insights gained from these connections to collaborate with clients and tailor solutions to fit their specific needs
  • Reimagine, reinvent, and recommit to focusing on connecting with clients and customers
  • Break the Silence and Share Your Executive Voice During These Times