Kenny Kan

What’s in the CARDS was a stimulating nutrient that made my heart sing. A++++

Your BD and sales insights resonated with me as you stressed authenticity, the importance of building relationship before the sell, and believe it or not, the one thing that made me smile warmly was your usage of acronyms of step-by-step practical methods of application – CARDS, GRIP, the 4Fs of Powerful questions, PEOPLE, SAFE, SOAR, PIC, etc. Believe it or not, this is how I studied for actuarial exams 20+ years ago…

For context, to be a credential actuary, an actuary has to pass at least 8 major exams. While the first half of the exams tend to be quantitative, the second half involves reading a ton of material and memorizing lists – it could take 300+ hours to pass each exam. I have fondly always used acronyms like yours above to study for those exams

Because of the way your book is written, it lends itself to a study guide or workbook that perhaps you can develop as I believe that your CARDS disciples will like to know how to apply. If you plan to embark on this route, for the study guide,

Kenny Kan

Vice President and Chief Actuary Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey