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8 Must-Read Sales Books by BIPOC Authors

By Flori Needle
September 9, 2022

First-hand experience is helpful when it comes to improving your sales performance. However, this first-hand experience is sometimes hard to come by, especially if you’re a member of a marginalized group underrepresented in your field.

Thankfully, there are experienced BIPOC entrepreneurs and sales professionals who are eager and willing to share their experiences with those hoping to get their foot in the door.

In this post, discover books written by BIPOC authors that will help you learn more about yourself and how to unleash your full sales potential.

Flori Needles‘ Review: “In the post-pandemic world, everyone is prioritizing relationships. This book excels at step-by-step instructions, conversation prompts, and reminders of what is most important: winning the hearts and minds of your clients.”

What’s In The C.A.R.D.S ? Cherilynn Castleman Book Review in Lehman’s Terms

By Cherilynn Castleman
May 30, 2022

Book Review of Cherilynn Castleman latest book “What’s in the C.A.R.D.S.?: 5 Post-Pandemic Sales Strategies” by Doug Lehman.

What’s in the C.A.R.D.S.? by Cherilynn Castleman is timely resource book for anyone in business that’s looking to improve their own performance in Sales and customer relationships. An easy to read book, packed with great insightful strategies and best practices.

This book will showcase and develop life experiences leveraging stronger relationships with clients and customers.

There are several topics covered in this book based on five core competencies which include Collaboration, Analysis, Relationships, Development and Strategy. The deck is stacked with this book for taking action and making changes for excelling in sales and improving business communication skills.

27 must-read sales books to help you qualify prospects, give better presentations, and close more deals

By Cherilynn Castleman
September 6, 2021

Sales books come and sales books go.

Yet, some books are better than others.

Some are so good they’ll transform the way we think about prospecting, selling, following up, and generally engage with the overall sales process.

What follows is a list of sales books -some classic, some new – that will deepen your knowledge on everything from how people think, to navigating ever-changing selling climates.

Cherilynn Castleman’s “What’s in the C.A.R.D.S.?” is a much-needed handbook for selling through a global pandemic. This new book has already garnered positive reviews, making it a must-read for salespeople confused and frustrated by current events.

Navigating the Post-Pandemic Sales World with Cherilynn Castleman

By Cherilynn Castleman
March 5, 2021

The world of sales is an ever-changing industry at the best of times. Forecasting, analyzing and exploring new trends is a key part of any sales role, but throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen things change at a never-before-seen pace. One sales expert has taken the events of the last year and compiled it into a new book, sharing how we can turn a disastrous year into lessons and strategies.

Cherilynn Castleman, managing partner and executive coach at CGI is a sales coach and internationally renowned sales expert. She also currently serves as the chief learning officer for Sistas In Sales, the first national organization that serves women of color in professional sales careers. Specializing in teaching clients how to develop effective growth strategies and market models to increase productivity and revenue, the Minnesota born professional has more than 20 years of enterprise C-level selling and relationship experience. The purpose of her training is to equip professionals and small business leaders to solve tough sales, while also teaching them about leadership and culture challenges.

Navigating the Post-Pandemic Sales World with Cherilynn Castleman

By Cherilynn Castleman
March 5, 2021

Castleman’s forthcoming book aims to break down the lessons that have come out of the last year, highlighting that in 2021 and beyond, leading sales with empathy is key. At the core of the book’s lessons are five crucial competencies that salespeople need to leverage lived experiences and “everyday superpowers to create authentic connections, strengthen client relationships and drive exponential revenue growth”.

The book has been praised by sales experts and CEOs alike for its innovative, memorable and masterful approach to sales. CEO of Urban Affairs Coalition Sharmain Matlock-Turner praised the book for its “simple yet powerful, hands-on techniques coupled with easy to remember lessons”, also excelling at reminding readers of the importance of “winning the hearts and minds of your clients”. Fortune 100 global speaker Christopher Kai described Castleman as a “true jedi master at sales strategy”, while Enterprise Cloud executive advisor Kuran Williams highlighted that the book is “relevant not just to sales professionals but to anyone who needs the keys to success”.


By Jay Feldman
February 20, 2021

Years ago, Cherilynn Castleman started out as a door-to-door sales associate for an insurance company. Although not many are built for that role, her sales skills pushed her forward to sales manager, vice president, and general manager. Along the way, she gained the knowledge, insight, and resources to become an expert in the field. In the end, she became the voice of reason for many well-known companies, helping them master executive sales, unlock potential, and maximize performance.

In 2018, with over 20 years of experience, Castleman founded CGI: a consulting and training firm that focuses on sales training, leadership development, and executive coaching. As the Managing Partner and Executive Coach, she teaches clients how to develop highly-effective growth strategies and innovative go-to-market models to increase sales productivity and drive revenue. This venture led her to work with Fortune 500 companies, helping them scale to over $240 millions in revenue.

Disrupt Magazine: The Book Has Everything to do with Helping Others

February 19, 2021

If you know Cherilynn Castleman,  you see the purpose behind her book, What’s in the C.A.R.D.S?: 5 Post-Pandemic Sales Strategies, has nothing to do with profits and notoriety.  In fact, the book has everything to do with helping others. Knowing the world of sales and business would be drastically different coming out of the pandemic, Castleman felt compelled to share her expertise. “I wrote this book to help salespeople and businesses who have already lost so much in the pandemic,” says Castleman passionately.

Castleman asserts that the pandemic has changed everything about business. For example, business owners are going to be more frugal and less whimsical in what they buy. Therefore, salespeople will have to get creative and adjust their strategy. In her book, Castleman uses a deck of cards to illustrate how to achieve sales mastery in the post-pandemic world. She also created the acronym Collaboration Analysis Relationships Development Strategy to represent the core competencies that will guide sales success.

Disrupt is the voice of Latino entrepreneurs around the world. They are part of a global movement to increase diversity in the technology industry and are focused on using entrepreneurship to grow new economies in underserved communities around the world. They enable millennials to become what they want to become in life by learning new skills and leveraging the power of the digital economy.

56 Inspirational Women Leaders in Business to Connect With

By Nedia Lamug
March 8, 2021

The world has witnessed a significant shift in society’s attitude towards women’s equality and their role in business. With more women at the helm of various industries, greater legal equality, and increased visibility as impressive role models in every aspect of life, women have made great strides throughout the decades — and continue to make strides to this day. With this progress in mind, we wanted to shine a light on 56 female leaders in the sales, marketing, and technology space.

Not only are these women excelling in their fields, but they are also empowering others to do the same. Cherilynn is one of these 56 exemplary women.

Good Enough Isn’t

By Ben Fogelberg
March 2021

Read the interview by Ben Fogelberg. “Castleman is an internationally known sales expert, coach, and author supporting a strong work ethic. She just published, What’s in the C.A.R.D.S.? 5 Post-Pandemic Sales Strategies, which depicts the importance of relationship building within the world of business and sales.”

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LinkedIn Recognizes Post Pandemic Selling as a Must-Read Sales Books from Black Authors

By Garnor Morantes
Group Marketing Manager at LinkedIn
February 18, 2021

Cherilynn is a longtime executive coach and keynote speaker who serves as Chief Sales Officer for Sistas in Sales. She’s very experienced in helping sales professionals overcome weighty and timely challenges. In her latest book, she tackles the top challenge now facing our sales community at large: learning to adapt and thrive in a transformed post-pandemic landscape.

To make the concepts and guidance more easily understood, Cherilynn frames them around a deck of cards, with each suit (and the joker) representing a different element of sales success. She also uses the C.A.R.D.S acronym to organize the book’s focal points: Collaboration, Analysis, Relationships, Development, and Strategy.

“As the economy continues to recover from the pandemic, modern consumers expect more out of their salespeople,” says Cherilynn. “Everything we knew about clients and consumer behavior in 2020 has changed, and to drive success in a post-pandemic economy, our approach must change as well.”

The new environment offers real opportunity for those sellers who play their cards right. Read Cherilynn’s book to find out how and follow her on LinkedIn.